Kimchi Quesadillas

These easy, healthy Vegan Kimchi Quesadillas are perfect for a light lunch or dinner! When I first went vegan, I thought it would be really hard (read: impossible) to eat out at restaurants. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to go out anymore; or if I did, I would be a huge drag on my friends / family / whoever I was with. But I couldn’t have been more wrong in that assumption. It’s actually¬†way easier to eat vegan at restaurants than I thought it would be. I think in all the time I’ve been vegan, I’ve only had one mishap – where the restaurant put cheese in a veggie burger without saying so on the menu (which is a lawsuit waiting to happen if a customer¬†had a severe dairy allergy…. just saying). I’m very fortunate that my two favorite cuisines – Mexican and Japanese – are both extremely vegan friendly. At Mexican restaurants, I almost always order fajitas so I can make my own little tacos, with guacamole on the side OF COURSE. (Taking a quick second to thank God right now that guacamole is vegan). And then at Japanese restaurants it’s even easier. The options are … Continue reading Kimchi Quesadillas