10 Healthy Veganuary Recipes

10 Healthy Veganuary Recipes | Well and Full | #recipes #vegan #veganuary

These 10 Healthy Veganuary Recipes have a little something for everyone – from gluten-free burrito bowls to spicy vegan pad thai!

Welcome to 2020! What a year, the first of the new decade and 10 years since I graduated from high school (cringe!). I’m excited for the start of the new year, especially since 2019 was a bit of a roller coaster ride. I remember writing last year, in reflection of 2018, how I felt that the hard times I was going through must’ve had a lesson in them, but I couldn’t see it yet. But now, I’m happy to report that I’ve learned the important lessons, just in the nick of time, and I can’t wait to share this knowledge with you!

But for now, let’s talk about Veganuary! Veganuary is a great trend where folks try going vegan for the month of January, either to learn about plant-based cooking or to see if they want to go vegan! While I’m not wholly vegan myself, I still eat vegan most of the time. Plant-based cooking is what taught me about flavor, freshness, and spice, and I’m so excited to share these 10 healthy Veganuary recipes with you! Here they are:

1 // Vegan Buddha Bowl

This Vegan Buddha Bowl is my most popular recipe, and for good reason! It’s packed with big plant-based flavors, with spicy chickpeas and a delicious pepper sauce.

2 // Barbecue Chickpea Rice Bowl

There’s nothing more hearty and cozy than barbecue chickpeas! The lime-y hummus sauce really rounds things out.

3 // Vegan Kale Detox Salad

For all the *~healthier~* vibes, this kale salad is perfect! Everything is tossed in a carrot top pesto that’s super herbal and delicious.

4 // Vegan Chickpea Scramble

This chickpea scramble is the perfect meal-prep breakfast for Veganuary! The chickpeas are made extra savory with onions and garlic.

5 // Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Wraps

These wraps are one of my favorite recipes, with spicy buffalo sauce and cool ranch.

10 Healthy Veganuary Recipes | Well and Full | #recipes #vegan #veganuary

6 // Vegan Pesto Chickpea Bowl

On Instagram, I often post photos of this recipe – pasta tossed with kale pesto, loaded with spicy chickpeas. It’s one of my favorite meals!

7 // Vegan Pesto Potato Pizza

This potato pizza is BEYOND delicious, with paprika potatoes and lots of savory pesto!

8 // Spicy Vegan Burrito Bowl

Anybody who knows me knows I love spicy foods, and this burrito bowl is no exception! The spicy cauliflower is probably my favorite part.

9 // Vegan Potato Wrap

This potato wrap is perfect for when you just want some carbs! You can never go wrong with potatoes!

10 // Spicy Vegan Pad Thai

I’m not even a huge peanut butter fan, but I LOVE this pad thai recipe. The sauce is so addicting, and can be made for any other veggie stir-fry or rice bowl!

10 Healthy Veganuary Recipes | Well and Full | #recipes #vegan #veganuary


If you make any of these recipes and post it on Instagram, be sure to tag me @wellandfull and #wellandfull so I can see! I love seeing your takes on my recipes :)

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